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So, as most of you have seen (with my recent deviations), I'm doing digital stuff!
Russbuddy by Shina-K Bby Im Back by Shina-K Kirooooooo by Shina-Kkirokirokirokirokirokirokirokirokiro by Shina-KMizaleen by Shina-K

So, What does this mean? How does this affect you?
Well, If you couldn't have been bothered to read the title of this journal, it means that I'M DOING DIGITAL COMMISSIONS AGAIN!

EDIT: Because of schedule nonsense, and how long these take, prices have been raised.

Base Prices

Sketch - $2.00 usd
Flat Colored Sketch - $3.00 USD
shaded sketch - $3.00 usd
Shaded Colored Sketch - $4.00 USD
Line art - $4.00 USD
Flat colored line art - $5.00 USD
shaded line art - $5.00 usd
Shaded, colored line art - $6.00 USD
Lineless - $10.00 USD


Chibi - (base price) x1    
Headshot - (base price) x1    
Bust - (base price) x1.25
Waist-up - (base price) x2    
Knees-up - (base price) x2.50
Full body/static pose - (base price) x3    
Full body/dynamic pose - (base price) x5


Additional Characters - calculate the price of each, divide by 2
Touch up Colors - Add $0.50 usd to total

Simple Background  - Add $0.50 usd to total

Complex Background - Add $1.00 usd to total

Dynamic Lighting - Add $0.50 usd to total
Animation (chibi) - 1 free per character, additional each Add $0.50
*Animation (non chibi) Add 15% for each


*Animation for more detailed image is only for simple things, such as blinking, or ear/tail twitch and other small things (1-3 additional frames)
*additional complicated animation (of just one body part- e.g. mouth, arm, legs, tail, wings, etc.) are an additional 20% per frame; up to 12 frames
**No smut/R-18
**No Mechas
**Convert Points to USD ( $1 USD = 100 Points )

How to Order:

Here's and easy-peasy guide to ordering a commission!
  1. Figure out what you want drawn
  2. Does it fit my guidelines?
  3. Place order by Sending the form below to me in a note
  4. Wait until I finish
  5. Pay me through paypal/dA 
  6. Receive your art
  7. Do whatever you want with it***
***Please do not Remove my artist's mark/Signature. Please and thank you.

Order Form

dA Username: 
Perfered Means of Contact: (e.g. Skype: Inufang96, or Note)
Order Type: (e.g. "Flat Colored Sketch" "Chibi")
Image references: (links to images)

Additional Characters
Order Type: (e.g. "Flat Colored Sketch" "Chibi")
Image references: (links to images)

Pose Description: (e.g. "I want all of them happily sitting around a fire" or "I want my character doing a handstand")
Specific color pallet?: (link to a pallete, or just put N/A)
If you don't have an image reference for a character, Fill out the form below

Additional Character Info Form
Character Name:

Species: (please don't make crap up, if you do, i need a reference sheet)
Hair Color:
Age Range:
(How old your character APPEARS to be)
Hair Length/Style:
Eye color:
Eye style: (Narrow eyes? Wide eyed? 
Physical disabilities?:
Height: (if a character with a tail instead of legs, height is to the base of the tail)
Body Type:

Breast Cup Size: (if its a guy, probably an A cup or N/A)
Torso to Legs Ratio: (most people are about 51:49)
Skin Type: (just skin? rubbery? Scales? Feathers? a mix of them? Where are they at?)
Wings: (Skin (bat-like), scaled (dragon-like), Feathered (bird-like), or N/A)
Wing Size: (proportionate to height (average would be Height x2) imps or devils might be 1/4th height)
Tail: (do they have a tail/tails? What kind? Does it have fur, scales, or just skin? is it webbed? does it replace the legs?)
Tail Length: (from base to the tip (includes fins if applicable))
Feet: (what size? large, small average?)
Tattoos and Scars: (Size, Type, pattern, color, and location (e.g. a large burn covering the left shoulder, or a small horizontal cut across right cheek)
Other: (any weird horns or growths? other particular defining traits?

Outfit: (What are they wearing? Please include any piercings here (even tongue piercings and such). E.g. Black framed glasses, a black band on the middle finger of the right hand, a simple black T-shirt and jeans, with some black converse hi-top sneakers, and a pair of white boxers.)
Personality: (Just some basic personality stuff to help with facial expressions and such)

Waiting List:

The Commissions in Progress:
  1.  zatanna-zatara 

Pick Up

Past Commissions.
I'll also send you a link via perfered method of contact to download from stash, finished art will be watermarked and posted in my gallery
General character information

Name: Valentino Lahti

 Tino fish butt

Gender: Male

Age: 27

Birthday: October 20th

Homeworld: Marianas trench, off the coast of the Marianas Islands (EARTH)

Race: Merman/Siren

Height and weight: 170cm, 62kg

Sexuality: Pansexual, Panromantic

Nature: Jolly/Gentle/Sassy/Impish

          Valentino is a flirt. He carries the urges of his sea brethren and has a siren like nature. He loves to seduce young handsome men and have flocks of gorgeous faces around him all the time. Working as a teacher he can't exactly do this, and settled for having a position as physical education teacher.

          When he's not flirting, he is actually a calm, collected, and reasonable person. He tries to make sure the students are happy and in the winter and cooler times of year he wanders the campus and finds himself standing in on various classes or just bothering the faculty that isn't busy- even if they are busy, he'll bother them anyway.

          Generally he's very conscious of his looks. He will hide in his room and refuse to leave the bathroom on his bad hair days, and if he ever gets caught in a fist fight he'll spend the next day crying over any bruises.
    ☑ Fish
    ☑ Humans
    ☑ Most types of pasta
    ☑ Shiny things
    ☑ Jewels
    ☑ Bright colors

    ☒ cat-like things
    being called ugly
    being dry
    the cold
    ☒ excess heat
    ☒ bland foods
    ☒ most types of “junk food”
    ☒ Macaroni and Cheese
    ☒ boats
    ☒ motors
    ☒ being seen as helpless/worthless
    ☒ being alone

    ☒ Cats (of all varieties)
 Valentino is a merman, so naturally, he has an innate instinctive fear of felines. 
    ☒ Being Left Alone
Valentino has an abandonment complex. He's had a past filled with heartbreak and nonacceptance, so naturally he fears that whomever he loves will leave him for some stupid reason or another.

    ☑ Swimming
As a merman, this is second nature.
    ☑ Persuasion
Being Half siren, he's got that inherited silver tongue.
    ☑ Singing
Another trait attributed to his species.
    ☑ Arcane Arts
Valentino has a strange knack for magicks, perhaps stemming from the small amount used in his "control song". He learned partial transformation techniques in his years traveling, and probably has at least some potential in the field.

    ☒ Nymphomanical
Valentino's psychological stress combined with his upbringing, and abandonment complex caused him to develop a form of mild Nymphomania. In a desperate attempt to feel "loved" he ends up in strangers beds more often than he'd like to admit. However, he has a range of control over his urges, and can show quite a bit of restraint.
    ☒ Dysmorphophobic
He's also developed a type of Dysmorphophobia, where he has no control. He goes to extreme lengths to maintain his appearance, binge eating and purging during times of stress. He is usually underweight.

        As a child, Valentino originally lived in a colony of other sea folk near the Marianas Trench. His parents were pleasant enough, and life was a boring dullness that the others seemed to love. Every change of season a group of merfolk from closer to human settlements would bring back all sorts of trinkets that had been cast into the sea. Cups, plates, waterlogged cell phones, and all sorts of jewelry that had been washed to sea. The beauty of it all magnificent to him and he began to idolize the surface dwellers.

        After his fourteenth birthday he ran away from home with the group of traveling merfolk and began to travel the seas of the world. The lights of the cities that reflected on the oceans were mesmerizing and for the next few years he was a member of the traveling group. On the third year, the group's leader announced they were going back to the Marianas settlement to sell their collected treasures and the young Merman, fearing his parents may keep him from his adventures, left his beloved traveling group.

        Valentino traveled to the Mediterranean Sea to live his life for himself. He lived near countries like France, Italy, and Spain; and soon grew to love the people that walked the land. He encountered an encantado at one point who taught him how to take on a human form and the two were good friends until the other was hit by a boat's motor (while in dolphin form) and left to bleed to death. Valentino had absolutely no experience in medical procedures, and as such was left to sob and watch helplessly as his friend died.

        After he was left by himself, he managed to date a wide variety of humans in a few short years. He was only able to hold his human form for a few hours at a time, but became addicted to the feel of the love the land-walkers gave him. Many of them quickly left him after learning his "secret" and for a while Valentino grew to hate his true self. He saw his reflective scales as an ugly curse- his elegant tail an ugly deformation. He continued to practice his shape changing and eventually learned to hold it for days at a time.

        Just as he mastered the ability to hold his human form for weeks upon end, he heard of the academy. Of course he had to investigate it for himself, and he quickly saw the institute as a blessing and begged Mathilde for a job at the academy, just so he could be around the others there, and she reluctant accepted him as the swim coach. Who could be better suited to teach students to swim than a merman? He had never felt so accepted in his life and quickly adjusted to his new life at the institute.
        Shortly after his arrival at the institute, a series of unexplained and investigated tragedies occurred- which included the gruesome slaughter of a student- that resulted in the school being shut down. With the money left over growing thin between jobs, he applied at MoonStone Academy, and received another teaching position
        He's currently beginning his employment at moonstone.

School information 

Occupation: Physical Education

House and Dorm: House of Dios Room 103

Special Staff classes: ----

Clubs: Swimming Club

Other: n/a

Character’s Magic information (WIP)

Magic power level (or ML for short): ---

Magic class: Healer/Aid Class
Valentino would more than likely be a support type character. Using his abilities to distract/hinder opponents, and possibly to manipulate them.

Weapon: Would not carry a weapon. If sparring/combat, may carry a knife for tights spots. Would fight primarily with fists.

Magic abilities and their levels: ---

Special moves/abilities and their levels: ---

Magic Aura: Valentino's Magicka would be primarily Illusion and Manipulation based (both in a physical and mental sense) with a heavy connection to sound/song. Perhaps takes the form of a half bird half fish made of liquid light and sound. 


Family: Estranged.

Friends: None Noteworthy as of yet.

Relationships within the group: N/A as of yet




Relationships outside the group: 


Valentino usually sleeps in the bathtub.

His gills do not disappear in his human form, so he hides them under a scarf.

He likes to paint his nails.

Tino wears makeup.

Valentino has to stay hydrated when not in the water. If he doesn't he'll dry out and turn back to his mer form. Prolonged dehydration can result in dizzy spells, fainting, shortness of breath, and even death.

Valentino loves to wear frilly things, and pastel colors.

Tino has a knack for fashion.

Valentino's hair naturally remains a white/pastel pink/pastel purple (very very close in shade, nearly white all the time). It appears different colors at different times.
1. For each of the 20 first people answering this journal, I will put their avatar and the three deviations I like most from their gallery on the list!

2. If you answer, you have to do the same in your journal, putting the tagger on the first place. The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone!


  1. :iconsonixaly: Lioden Commissions 1 by Sonixaly inquisitor Frog Cadash by Sonixaly Agent Washington by Sonixaly


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